4 Types to Style Bracelets with Her

4 Types to Style Bracelets with Her

If you’re wondering how to style a bracelet, we got you. Today, we'll explore 4 different types to style a bracelet with your fit, whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or keeping it casual for everyday wear.

Types of Women’s Bracelets to Consider


At ICEZEUS, our bangle measures 4mm.
The handset moissanite fullfil the middle of the bangle while still keeping your drip understated and subtle. If you prefer to keep things low-key, a bangle bracelet is for you.








Tennis Bracelet

This tennis bracelet range from width 2mm-6mm, size 6 inches to 8 inches, broadening your option and satisfies your request for different size. Tennis bracelet is the “classical” and catch up with the fashion always. If you want to match the bracelet with whatever wear, tennis bracelet is the just choice.

Cluster Bracelet

Unlike tennis bracelets, clustered bracelets feature four stones on each link. The four stones make up a cluster, drawing attention further toward the center and creating a unique shine that captures light at all possible angles.

Heart Cut Bracelet

Heart cut tennis bracelets own a heart-cut stone in the middle. Each link features a sizable single round stone to reflect large amounts of light wherever you go. Bracelet adjustable make it easy to wear.

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May 26, 2023 — ICE ZEUS
Custom Nameplate Pendant From $199?

Custom Nameplate Pendant From $199?

1. The Advantages Of the Custom Nameplate Pendant

  • The price is affordable. 2inches Price start from $199!!
  • The letter style, it’s designed as the classic CURSIVE LETTER, it will never out of fashion.
  • Last but not least, the nameplate pendant appropriate well to the daily outfit. Wearing it, it will show your sophisticated charm and impressing the whole street.
  • Check the approximate size showing below:

2.The material advantages of nameplate pendant

The material of the nameplate pendant is 925 silver and the moissanite.
You may ask what moissanite is?

Moissanite is a naturally occurring silicon carbide and its various crystalline polymorphs. It will sparkle extra glitter more than diamonds. In addition, it owns a steady character in physics. It's color can due for quite a long time with such little oxygenation. Also , moissanite can pass normal diamond tester!

Why to choose S925 sterling Silver?

Silver is also considered a precious metal, which means while it is inexpensive compared to gold, it does hold more value than alloys like brass. 

3.How To Custom My Pendant?

Our designers will customise according to the different demands of different people. You could customize the letter by A-Z to build your pendant, we can do 2-6 letters.

  • When your order, we’ll offer you a preview picture in around 24-48 hours.
  • After the confirmation with the customer, we inform the factory to make out the 3D picture.
  • Then after you confirm the 3D render design, our factory will make the product out.
  • This pendant need about 3 weeks to make, it worth to wait.

4. New Drops With New Discount

Good news for the ICEZEUS customers is that, there is a cached-discount especially for this nameplate pendant. You can use CODE “Z20” at checkout to get 20% OFF. Also, a free 4mm stainless steel rope chain will drop on you as a gift.



March 21, 2023 — ICE ZEUS